The Center for Ongoing Research & Projects

Hear: Time is Space

BLOOPERS / Hanne Lippard / James Hoff / Matthew P. Hopkins &
Shane Haseman / Tan Lin / Jar Moff / Martine Syms / Work/Death

January 9th – February 7th

It is almost as if the magic of the medium, the legerdemain that allows invisible waves to transport electricity and sound from one place to another via the ‘ether,’ has obscured the history of the architectural component of the radio apparatus – studio, station, home, vehicle – from view. —John Harwood, "Wires, Walls and Wireless: Notes Toward an Investigation of Radio Architecture"

From January 9th to February 7th, The Center for Ongoing Research & Projects will expand from 150 square feet to cover an entire city block. We will erect an invisible dome of radio ether around the existing COR&P gallery. And while the building will be closed and locked for the duration of the show, this sonic superstructure will be accessible every evening from 6 to 9 PM. Drive in with your car or walk in with your transistor, and tune into our micro-transmission to listen to audio works by BLOOPERS, James Hoff, Matthew P. Hopkins & Shane Haseman, Tan Lin, Jar Moff, Martine Syms, Hanne Lippard, and Work/Death. The frequency will change each night. To find the exhibition, dial around or look for the frequency posted on the front of the gallery.

“Here, Time is Space” (but also “Hear: Time is Space”) is the second exhibition in our Reproduction Request series. The first, “Half Letter,” explored the circulatory structures of the xerox machine, mail art, and zine culture. Foregoing the physical gallery exhibition, it took the form of a photocopied book. In the current iteration, we do away the physical object completely, distributing works over the air. While these works are invisible, they are not immaterial. They travel over waves to fill the space surrounding the gallery, creating an exhibition about volume: if you can hear it, your are here.

Here within the exhibition, you may hear: A voice address you (or another) from the ether. An afrofuturist drama explores the everyday of a possible someday. A conversation between two ends of a psychic spectrum a specific moment and place, or perhaps its an internal monologue. Virus plagued sounds stutter and stop. A swell of collaged samples refigures a sonic space. And more.

Though intangible, this exhibition is location-specific. However, just because the sounds originate here, does not mean that they have to stay here. Visitors are encouraged to pluck the exhibition from the air and capture it on cassette, forcing it into a stable physical form. In turn, those cassettes may be duplicated and redistributed.

Full Program:

About the Artists

BLOOPERS is a collaborative project of of Michael Bell-Smith, Sara Magenheimer, and Ben Vida. Operating as a band, they use video, music, voice, text, and performance as a platform to explore the ways in which sound and image operate socially.

Shane Haseman is a Sydney based artist, writer, and academic. Working across painting, installation environments, text and performance, Haseman’s work explores the legacy of the historical avant-garde’s attendant accounts of the end of art. Recent exhibitions include Mijacogeo, TCB Gallery, Melbourne, 2014; High Street, Near/AFAAR, Sydney, 2014; Black Square 100 Years, Adelaide Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 2013; Look This Way, UTS Gallery, Sydney, 2013; New Paintings, 55 Sydenham Rd, Sydney, 2012; New 11, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, 2011. He is an Associate Lecturer in Art History and Theory at Sydney College of the Arts.

James Hoff is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. His work encompasses painting, sound, writing, performance, and publishing among other media. He has maintained a strong focus on distributed forms and experiments with language, including cross-disciplinary investigations that address orally-transmitted syndromes, computer viruses, and ear worms. His most recent record BLASTER was released on the Berlin-based PAN records in the fall and he currently has a solo exhibition at Callicoon Fine Arts, NY. He has performed and exhibited internationally at venues such at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Artists Space, Or Gallery (Vancouver), Kunsthall Oslo, the MCA Denver, The Eli & Edythe Broad Art Museum, The Power Plant, Le Monnaie / De Munt (Brussels), Issue Project Room, and Air De Paris, among others.

Matthew Hopkins is a Sydney based artist that produces gallery based exhibitions, live and recorded sound works, and printed texts. An ongoing interest for Hopkins is how sound in art might be considered grotesque, absurd, and liminal in nature.

Jar Moff is a visual artist and composer working in Athens, Greece. The first two albums of his Financial Trilogy, Commercial Mouth and Financial Glam, were released by the Berlin-based PAN label.

Tan Lin is the author of over ten books, most recently, Heath Course Pak, Bib. Rev. Ed, Insominia the Aunt., and 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004 The Joy of Cooking. A show of newer video works is forthcoming at Treize in Paris, in 2015. He is the recipient of a 2012 Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grant, a Getty Distinguished Scholar Grant and a Warhol Foundation/Creative Capital Arts Writing Grant to complete a book on the writings of Andy Warhol. He is working on a sampled novel, Our Feelings Were Made By Hand. He is an Professor of English and Creative Writing at New Jersey City University.

Hanne Lippard is a writer and visual artist living and working in Berlin. Her texts are at the base of her time-based works, which include short films, sound piece and performance. In 2013, she released her poetry-collection ‘Nuances of No’ together with Broken Dimanche press. Her work has so far been exhibited at Kinderhook & Caracas, Berlin, Galerie Parisa Kind, Frankfurt, Thomas Fischer Galerie, Berlin, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Exile Gallery, Berlin, Meat Factory, Prague, Minibar Art Space, Stockholm, and Marres, Maastricht. Her most recent performances include UKS, Oslo, KW, Berlin, New Theatre, Berlin, Berliner festspiele, Badische Kunstverein, ARCO, Madrid, The Showroom, London and Poesia en Voz, Mexico City. Future exhibitions and performances include Kunsthalle Wien and Transmediale, Berlin.

Martine Syms is a conceptual entrepreneur based in Los Angeles who uses publishing, video, and performance to look at the making and reception of meaning in contemporary America. She currently runs DOMINICA, an imprint dedicated to exploring blackness as a topic, reference, marker and audience in visual culture. From 2007–11, Syms directed Golden Age, a project space focused on printed matter. She has presented work at universities and museums internationally.

WORK/DEATH (Scøtt Reber) is a composer/performer from Providence, Rhode Island and has been active in the noise underground for the last ten years. While loud volume and distortion maybe significant elements to his approach, he also builds on a range of subtle manipulations of texture/density to drastic shifts and ruptures conveying deep compositional motivations. He has releases on Type Records, Semata Productions, plus dozens of cassettes on labels such as Hospital Productions, Monorail Trespassing, Ekhein, and his own Three Songs of Lenin. He was also formerly a board operator/engineer at a small commercial AM radio station in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and volunteered for many years at Brown University Student & Community Radio.